As is on its last chapter, and I'm sure many of you are confused on certain things, I'll try to answer any questions that have already been addressed in the story. So Feel free to ask them. Answers yet to come will not be published until they are revealed in the comic.

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Questions about Bay

  • How old is Bay?

    Bay is 20 years old.

  • Where is Bay from?

    Bay/Brad was born in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. He/She spent a summer working for Fan Fic Studio. That is where our comic begins.

  • What are Bay's stats?

    Bay is 5'9" and weighs 115lbs. Her measurements are: 88cm, 54cm, 85cm, with a D-Cup.

  • Could the TG Ray, or any other such device, be used to turn Bay back into a guy?

    Only the TG gun that turned Brad into Bay could be used to reverse the effect. Sadly the TG Ray Gun was destroyed at the end of Story 6 : Glammer Slam.

  • What happened to Bay being pregnant with Brady in Story 7 : The LIne?

    Bay was pregnant, but never realised it till after the fact. Being in close proimity to the time portal when Brady came through caused unborn Brady to cease to exist in our time line. Comic 416 explains it, and Comic 417 is when it actually happens

Questions about Honey

  • How old is Honey?

    Honey is 19 years old, making her a year younger then Bay.

  • Where is Honey from?

    Honey is from an alternate future timeline. She was brought back in time and cannot return, as her presence has altered the future. Hence, her future world no longer exists as she knows it.

  • What are Honey's stats?

    Honey is 5'7" and weighs "None of your damn business" (quote from Honey). Her measurements are: 83cm, 58cm, 84cm, with a B-cup

  • Does Honey remember being Crystal during Story 4: Helices?

    No, she doesn't. Honey does not remember anything about what happened that night.

Questions about Crystal

  • Can Crystal talk?

    Physically, yes. She is mute because her mind is unable to process her thoughts into words. It's a block put into her head by the HRC.

  • Is Crystal the same Crystal we saw back in Story 4: Helices?

    Yes. Crystal (with no mind or personality to speak of) was left in an HRC tube when Honey was brought back. The HRC found her the next day. They gave her a past, memories, and a job, then let her start her own life.

  • What are Crystal's stats?

    Crystal is 5"5' and weighs "None of your damn business" (qoute from Honey again). Her measurements are: 89cm, 52cm, 86cm, with a D-Cup.

Questions about Auction Guy

  • Does the Auction Guy have a real name?

    Yes, though it has not yet been revealed in the comic.

  • How much can the Auction Guy bench press?

    He has pressed over 250lbs, but he doesn't make a habit of going that heavy.

Questions about Neko

  • What are Neko's stats?

    Neko is 5'8" (5'9.5" with the ears) and weighs 125lbs. Her measurements are: 92cm, 59cm, 89cm, with a DD-Cup.

  • What's the deal with Neko and Thom?

    Neko has had a crush on Thom since she first saw him. Thom... doesn't really notice.

Questions about Katy

  • What are Katy's stats?

    Katy is 5'6" (5'7.5" with the ears) and weighs 97lbs. Her measurements are: 84cm, 62cm, 83cm, with an A-Cup.

  • What's the deal with Katy and the Intern (Robert/Steve)?

    Every cat needs a play toy.

Questions about Berry

  • Berry is older than Bay, right?

    Yes. Berry is an alternate future version of our Bay. She went back in time 5 years, and after briefly interacting with our Bay, she traveled to Canada and worked in a muffin shop until Honey spotted her. Berry is 5 years older than Bay, making her 25.

  • Why did Bay/Berry remember the changes being made to the timeline back during Story 9 : Timey Wimey?

    At the beginning of the story Bay/Berry was injected with medicine to help her memory. This medicine was what enabled Bay/Berry to remember the changes that happened, while everyone else didn't notice any changes. We see Bay getting that same injection in a later comic; but by that time, the timeline wasn't changing anymore.

  • Why did the timeline change back when Berry went back in time?

    The timeline changed back because Berry intercepted all the notes Future-Chris sent back before Past-Chris got them (except for one).

  • Do Berry and Trav do the 'nasty' together?

    Yes. Yes, they do.

Questions about Ethan

  • Do Ethan and the english scientist from the 70's have any relatives in common?

    Nope. They just look similiar.'s Timeline

  •'s timeline confuses me.

    Well, lucky you: here's a chart! Click it to see a larger version.'s Timeline ]